Video: Introduction


Julia: We are Chris and Julia Marcum, and we are the content creators behind

Chris: We’ve been doing this for about ten years now and we’ve learned so much. We have a lot of people who ask us, “Is it too late? Is it just oversaturated? Can I really get started now?”

We firmly believe--what we’re seeing with this area of marketing--the people who are going to be most successful and make the most money off this, honestly, have not even started yet.

I mean, the trajectory is amazing and there are so many opportunities for people who are presenting themselves and working with brands in a positive way. The potential is just outstanding.

Julia: Four years ago, the blog was making about as much money as Chris was at his full time job. And we had the scary discussion and made the scary decision to basically drop his income and both start doing this full time. And it was nerve wracking, and scary and of course the finances and economics all had to make sense, but we’ve learned and grown so much in those four years that we felt it was time that someone started talking about blogging and being an influencer and content creator as a full time career. Because it’s both of our careers now, full time.

Chris: Plus we employ other people who, it’s their full time job to support what it is that we’re doing. And so, it’s a marketing activity, we see ourselves as marketers. You know, there’s lots of words for what we do but, in the end, we are a brand--and essentially an advertising agency--when we’re working with a sponsor. And we have to treat our relationship with them in that same way. So the way that we present ourselves, the way that other influencers and content creators out there are presenting themselves to brands, that’s what is going to drive the success for their brand and their growth.